Simple, effective heart rate monitoring for your workouts.

CardioMez Heart Rate Workout Tracker

CardioMez is an Android application that works with a heart rate monitor to measure the intensity of your workouts.

Use CardioMez on your phone or tablet along with a Bluetooth or ANT+ heart rate monitor to take your fitness training to the next level. CardioMez is perfect to bring on a run, a bike ride, at the gym on a treadmill or elliptical machine, or any other type of cardio activity.

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Workout Monitoring

The heart rate gauge shows how much of your workout you’ve spent in each heart rate intensity zone and pulses to show your current zone.

Your current heart rate, workout duration, and calories burned are shown in the center of the gauge. Below that is additional information including your average and max heart rate.

The heart rate graph shows your heart rate history during your workout allowing you to see how hard you’ve been working.

Workout History

Scroll through your workout history to see the most important details of your workouts.

Tap on any workout to see complete details for that workout including any notes that you’ve added.

Using our cloud service, your exercise history is stored in the cloud and shared on all of your Android devices.

CardioMez can also sync your workouts to Google Fit. Syncing CardioMez with Google Fit allows you to share CardioMez workouts with other applications and services such as MyFitnessPal. Simply sync CardioMez to Google Fit and then sync your MyFitnessPal account to Google Fit.

Workout Statistics

The CardioMez home screen shows a summary of your workout information for the past week, month, and year along with the details of your last workout.

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